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Burn, Partial Thickness on Torso

This is a burn created on an older METI PediaSim. WARNING! Moulage manikins at your own risk. I just happened to get lucky and didn't leave a stain, but that might not be the same in your case. I also applied a generous coat of Vaseline for a base, which helped to remove the moulage materials. Experiment on discarded skins first, if you have reservations. You'll need a few F/X supplies. They can all be found in a Ben Nye 3-D Effects Kit that can be found at most costume stores for around $25.

Step 1: Cut a piece of red Saran Wrap in the shape of the burn.

Step 2: Coat the burn area on the manikin with a layer of vaseline. Smooth the Saran Wrap onto the vaseline area, working out as many bubbles as possible. The bubbles you can't work out can be turned into areas of peeling skin later. Leave a small vaseline border.

Step 3: Apply a coat of Ben Nye Liquid Latex around the border of the Saran Wrap, sealing it down and extending it over the area of the Vaseline border. DO NOT USE IN THE PRESENCE OF LATEX ALLERGIES! I know, duh, but I had to say it. Apply the latex over areas where you left bubbles.

Step 4: This part didn't work so well, so feel free to improvise or leave it out. I added a little baby powder in the center of the burn to simulate a deep partial-thickness burn that resembled a full-thickness burn. The baby powder was to dry, so it didn't look very realistic, so omit it or replace it, if you wish.

Step 5: Shave pencil lead onto the white area to resemble soot and charring, then pat down to blend.

Step 6: Using your finger, coat the red area with a red F/X material, like the red in the F/X wheel found in the kit previously mentioned. Lipstick would work too if it's not too thick. This gives the burned area a shiny, angry, red appearance. Also, add some red touches to the latex area as well as some touch-up with a black eyebrow pencil.

Step 7: Peel the inside edge of the latex up in several places to resemble sloughing of skin. Be careful around the edges. The latex won't be bonded very well where it's applied over the Vaseline.

Step 8: Shave the pencil lead over the entire area to resemble soot and ash. You could even burn scraps of paper and crumble them in. Another effect could be achieved by CAREFULLY burning the edges of the clothing you want to place on the manikin, then seal the burned edges to the wound.

Step 9: Spritz the red area with a water bottle to simulate seepage of body fluids. The group I used this on was really drawn in. If you want to enhance emotion, singe a little hair in the room prior to bringing in the group, but be careful; smells can evoke memories with powerful emotional responses.

Originally posted to SSiH eGroup "Tricks of the Trade" by Jimmy Rowland,